Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

If you are chocolate dessert and ice cream deprived this will fix you up. It is like a cross between luscious chocolate and homemade ice cream yum yum. What is Alpha-gal?

Servings: 6 or about 1 qt.     Prep time: 15 min plus chilling time     Cooking time: 15 to 20 min
    Ready to eat in: 20 min depending upon your ice cream maker
Utensils: electric or hand crank ice cream maker, whisk, 1 qt sauce pan

5 eggs - whisked
cup water
cup dark chocolate almond milk
1 cup sugar
tsp sea salt
4 cups - approx. - dark cholate almond milk - to fill ice cream maker


This recipe is for a 1 quart electric counter top ice cream maker. You may need to modify the quantity if you are using another size or the old fashioned 4 qt. crank freezer and ice. Freeze ice cream maker insert per mfg. instructions. In a sauce pan or double boiler whisk the eggs. Then add the water, half cup of almond milk, sugar and salt. Whisk continuously while heating the mix to thicken and pasteurize the eggs. Remove from heat and cool, cover and refrigerate until chilled, best if left overnight. Start the ice cream maker and add the ice cream mixture, pour in enough chocolate almond milk to fill to the mfg's suggested level.

Alternative Recipe Ideas

  • Add crushed almonds or vegan chocolate chips.
  • Substituting vanilla almond milk opens up a host of fruit flavors
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    This recipe brought to you by Chef Gary from Rocky Creek Valley Farm