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2017 Excelsior Springs Classes & Education

For the classes taught at the farm click here Farm Classes

2017 - classes taught at: Adult & Community Education Excelsior Springs Area Career Center
614 Tiger Drive, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024
Phone: 816-630-9240
ed2go - 2017 complete class schedule

Elizabeth's classes - 2017 Class Syllabus
Elizabeth's classes run from 6:30 to 8:30, $19.00 payable to ACECC, reservations required, plus the optional make-and-take projects payable during class directly to Elizabeth

ON LINE CLASSES: I'm so thrilled to be publishing my Rocky Creek Valley Farm courses online that I just HAD to share with you. And, what better way to launch ALL THIS HERBAL goodness than to start with BASIL. After-all, most folks are already in love with her. You think you know basil? Think again. She has a secret identity—she’s a HEALER. And, as a thank you to all our faithful students and followers, I’m offering the BASIL course FREE. That’s right. You pay nothing for this herbal knowledge that can set you on the road to better health. This power packed mini-course comes complete with recipes to get you started using basil in new and surprising ways.

We learn marvelous, life affirming, health orientated lessons here at the farm and although we will continue with our regular classes on site and other educational facilities we are eager to share on a broader level. Check out our new online school here and start your FREE herbal course on BASIL: Also don’t forget about the Rocky Creek Valley Farm You Tube channel:

Class Description
Date Class Description
Tues 9/12 6-8 pm Putting The Garden To Bed $19 Tips on “closing” down the garden, overwintering plants/herbs & making seed packets.
Tues 10/10 6-8pm Altered Journals $19 Using scrapbook ephemera to cover composition notebooks.
Tues 10-24 6-8 pm Farm girl Aprons $19 Cute and girly aprons made from jeans.
Tues 11/7 6-8pm Gift boxes and cards $19 Making paper boxes out of scrap book paper with ephemera/bow on top and matching gift card.
Elizabeth is available to speak at clubs or meetings.


Future Class Description
Class Description
Backyard & Barnyard Chickens Learn how to keep your chickens happy, healthy and producing—naturally. The class will cover how to control/prevent parasites, make balanced food ratios and some surprising supplements, free range or fenced, natural first-aid, coops, eggs, chicken breeds and an astonishing chicken ancestor! Handouts: class booklet will cover how to raise your chickens without harmful chemicals and what to use instead.
Clean and Green - household products How and why to detox your home and begin making and using household products for the laundry, the dishes, windows, floors ,the bathrooms, the kitchen and more. Handouts: class booklet with directions and recipes. Optional Make and Take: Fabric Softener sheets $5.
First Aid -
part 1
First Aid classes are presented in two parts. The first part uses essential oils as the primary protocol--we will deal with inflammation (as opposed to broken bones, etc). However, this is not a typical “use this oil for this ailment” class. Your body is run by various systems (nervous, circulatory, etc); we will discuss which plants (essential oils) resonate with those body systems thereby encouraging the body toward wellness. We will also study plant actions – these actions determine what affect the plant has on the body system. If you know which body system your “problem” belongs in and which plant has an action that works on that body system, you will be able to determine which plant (essential oil) to use for your problem. For instance: the immune system works with inflammation and infection so if you have a cut you would need an herb (oil) that stimulates the immune system into action. Handouts include class booklets which contain the information on body systems/plant actions and numerous recipes to make your own herbal remedies. Handouts include class booklets which contain the information on body systems/plant actions and numerous recipes to make your own herbal remedies.
First Aid -
part 2
This class will use herbs in their plant form as the primary protocol. (First Aid Part 1 is not a prerequisite but would be beneficial). Part 2 will NOT repeat wound care protocol explained in Part 1. We will study which wild, cultivated or purchased herbs work best for first aid, how to prepare them and how to use them. You will learn when and how to use compresses, poultices, salves, liniments and tinctures including practicing the application process of poultices and bandages. Handouts include class booklets of general information, a Materia Medica (plant information & protocols) and recipes (different recipes than Part 1).
Herbal Hygiene Learn to make your personal care items such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, oils, etc. Handout: Class booklet with directions and recipes. Optional Make and Take--$5
Herbal Preparations - part 1 - Tisanes and Tonics Herbs are made up of different constituents and they are extracted in different menstruum’s (water based, oil based & spirit based) by different methods. We will discuss which herbs can be made into tisanes (teas) and which ones make the best tonics. Handouts: class booklet with directions and recipes. Optional Make and Take: Good Night Tea $5
Herbal Preparations - part 2 - Infusions and Decoctions In this class you will learn the difference between these two good ways to extract herbal constituents from the herb, how to do it and how to use it. Handouts: class booklet with directions and recipes. Optional Make and Take: Infusion or decoction kit $5
Herbal TLC Herbal remedies have been tried and tested by generations of our families. We will focus on the antibiotic and anti-viral properties of my top 20 list of herbs, what body systems they work for and what actions they take in that body system. You will learn the HOW-TO of water-based, spirit based and oil based herbal remedies. Handouts include class booklets of discussion topics and instructions and recipes for making herbal preparations.
Holistic Life of Cats and Dogs I developed a system of natural care for my animals here at the farm that keeps them healthy and free from parasites. Learn why we need to make our pet food and how to do it. We will be making dog food and some supplements. $10 class material fee if you want to take any home. Handout: Course booklet with class information and recipes.
Maiden, Mother, Menopause - part 1 Wise women have gathered, harvested, cooked, tended and loved herbs for centuries. They understood the relationship our bodies have with plants and how they nourish, replenish and support good health. Re-establish your connection with the herbal queendom by learning which herbs support women during all stages of life and how to use them. In part 1 you will learn about the Healing Matrix and how to use Nourishing herbs, Tonifying herbs and Stimulating/Sedating herbs. Also, in depth discussion about calcium, iron & osteoporosis. Learn how to make and use herbal vinegars, poultices and infusions. Handouts: class booklet with directions, recipes and protocols. Optional Make and Take: Moon Kit $10
Maiden, Mother, Menopause - part 2 (MMM part 1 is not a prerequisite but would be beneficial). In part 2 we will explore the Stimulating/Sedating herbs and the Potentially Toxic herbs. Also covers a thorough discussion of SOY and phytoestrogenic herbs. Learn how to make and use hormonal tinctures, glycerites and ointments/salves. Handouts: class booklet filled with information, directions and recipes. Optional Make and Take: TBA – This will depend on whether we have had a hard freeze!
Medicine Cabinet Makeover Many of the Traditional Herbal remedies—including essential oils— can replace numerous OTC items in your medicine cabinet and first aid kit: healing herbal salves, therapeutic herbal extracts and tinctures, liniments and vinegars. Bring to class an Over-The-Counter item that you or your family use frequently. Handouts: class booklet. Optional Make and Take: An herbal salve KIT $5
Weed Walk - part 1 - Aerial parts This is a “field” class so dress for walking the farm. What others spend billions of dollars trying to eradicate, herbalists use to make medicine and cook. Learn to identify, harvest and use these leaves and flowers of wild herbal allies. You will get a share of the herbal “weeds” we harvest. Handouts: class booklet with directions and recipes. Optional Make and Take: Wild Medicine Kit $10
Weed Walk - part 2 - Roots Wear your boots, long pants and sleeves—we will be walking the farm identifying plants and digging roots. Hopefully we will have had a good freeze by this time which sends all the good medicinal “stuff” into the roots. Handouts: class booklet and a share of roots we dig.


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