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GrowVeg & Amazon are affialiates, the rest of these people we just like and they don't pay us to say that.

Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund A must join for all organic, all natural, sustainable and small farmers. Protect yourself and keep up on the latest legislation.

  Books for your Edification

A listing of recommended books for the inquiring spirit at our Amazon account -

  Links to our Special Friends

Beautifully restored, great food a few miles from the farm a very good choice for a getaway.

Elizabeth's Blog on - Rocky Creek Valley Farm blog is a compendium of farm and herbal musings (I do veer off course occasionally).

Elizabeth's Writing Blog on - discussion and postings from Elizabeth's books and other articles.

Get Outside with Henry on youtube The hunting and fishing exploits of our grandson, future star! He lives to fish. You can also follow him on Facebook Get Outside with Henry on FB

VanTill Family Farms & Winery Our neighbors and friends. Less than 2 mi from us this is a great place to stop for a bite to eat while at the farm.

Lone Aspen on youtube Our new friend Jeff at Lone Aspen Outdoors, Jeff teaches survival in the Colorado Rockies. Also follow him on Facebook Lone Aspen on FB

Steve Childress - the art of story telling by our good friend Steve.

Red Shed Soap Co - even though she is our daughter-in-law we are not prejudice, this is some of the best hand made soap in the country.

Campo Lindo Farms - Just the best eggs in the country! I have been partial to brown eggs since I was six years old. My mud pies were the envy of the neighborhood. I've graduated to making real food and my husband, Chef Gary, agrees that Campo Lindo eggs add that deep, rich flavor that only fresh air and sunshine can provide. They also raise chicken, turkey, lamb and beef. Visit their website to learn more about these folks who are doing their part to keep our food real and chemical-free.

Cooking with Chef Gary - Finding your bliss is a current buzz phrase that has everyone scrambling to figure out what they really enjoy in life. My husband, Gary, didn't even have to look. He started cooking for fun in his early twenties and discovered he not only loved it, but also had a gift for it. He has cooked in various restaurants the last of which was our own Tea Room and Bed and Breakfast. Now he teaches cooking classes and does cooking demonstrations. I receive many an envious look from women when I say Gary does the cooking in our household. He loves it so much I had to put my foot down. “ All right, Gary. Just let me cook one meal a week. Please?” Ah, yes. Life is grand. Who knew I’d have my own personal chef.

Serenity on the Square Great Yoga classes and things to make you more healthy Serenity on the Square,
14 E Franklin St, Liberty, MO 64068 816-792-5454

Pirtle's Aronia Plantation Aronia Berries - Natures healthy creation. Lots of health benefits, be sure to check out the site. Also be sure to visit our long time friends Patricia and Elbert Pirtle's winery at Pirtle's Winery 502 Spring Street, Weston, Missouri 64098
Tel: (816) 640-5728 | Fax: (816) 386-5319

Heritage Home Place country gift shoppe, home baked bread, garden produce, fresh herbs, cut flowers. Also a drop off point for our CSA members.
7770 N. E. Jones Rd, Cameron, Missouri 64429

Abundant Life As your Health Coach, I am not the next quick-fix diet magician or drill sergeant that screams orders at you all day. I'm a real-life person like you. I know that it's hard to know where to start with whole foods and working out. That's why I have designed my programs to help you successfully integrate health into your life.

ECO-Troubadour Our new friend Stan Slaughter and the Green Spriit Band. Very cute songs about composting, water, the enviroment and other green stuff. As the Eco-Troubadour, Stan Slaughter teaches and shares positive ways to live in harmony with our planet, simple changes we can all make now, and creative options for a greener future - all experienced through songs that stay in your head and in your heart.

  Great links for Farm Research

The "How to Save Seeds" handbook. Tons of good information for gardeners.

Everything you ever wanted to know about seed cleansing and preservation.

Missouri Department of Agriculture our home state and a great web site for farmers.

North Dakota State University NDSU is highly involved in research projects benefiting the farmer. If you have questions this is a good place to start.

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition keep up with all the news and legislation on Sustainable Agriculture.

Rimol Greenhouses a unique movable greenhouse system. We hope to have some on the farm in the near future.

Nordic Naturals you cannot buy product from them, but you will get tons of info.

Barbara Pleasant is all about gardening. Before you start digging in the dirt, pull up a chair, make a cup of tea and learn a few tidbits from Alabama. Barbara helps gardeners grow along with their gardens.

  Products we Recommend Johnny’s Selected Seeds has no affiliation with Monsanto Company, that is good enough for us. Great heirloom seeds, employee owned. garden planning and design.

Richter's Seed a total selection of seeds, herbs, heirlooms and everything else. Top of the line and an incredible catalog.

R.H. Shumway Seed just like shopping at Grandmas seed store, illustrated garden guide, since 1870 and still going strong.

Jung Seed family owned and operated since 1907, good quality, value and service from Wisconsin.

Bulk Herb Store a multi-generational family enterprise of herbs. A trusted source for product and information.

Mountain Rose Herbs since 1987 - truly a "global herb store".

Glory Bee Foods started in the family garage in 1975 with the goal of providing healthy products.

Frontier Herbs COOP I camped out here in tent! You need to join the COOP to purchase, but it is well worth it. yerba mate tea in lots of flavors and varieties.

Young Living essential oils, be sure to ask me to tell you about when I first met Gary Young.

Green People a listing of all things herbal.

Long Creek Herbs go on along and sit a spell with down home herbalist Jim Long. He is as delightful in person as he is in cyber space.

Rainbow Light great vitamins and minerals.

Garden Life great vitamins, minerals and more.

  Regarding Children

Kids Prevention Institute - Strategies to improve environment for children's nutrition and physical activity.

Kids Data Book - Decrease in Exercise Main Reason for Weight Gain in US Girls July 14, 2005 (News wise).

Women's Health Research - A decline in activity in the transition from childhood to adulthood could be responsible for increased weight gain in US girls, according to a study published online (Thursday July 14, 2005) by The Lancet.

Pe4Life - Pe4Life is a national organization headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, that advocates for the replacement of daily PE in schools. Their website is rich with data and research related to the importance of physical activity in optimal brain function, well being and physical health.

Second Hand Smoke - Second Hand Smoke Report 2003. Since I am a victim of childhood second hand smoke this is very important to me.

American Heart Association - The American Heart Association and Robert Woods Johnson Foundation recently published a statistical source book entitled “A Nation at Risk: Obesity in the United States”

  Kansas City Sources
Whole Foods Market
7401 W 91st St
Overland Park, KS 66212
Natures Own Market
4301 Main St
Kansas City, MO 64111-7701

Mother Nature's Health Market
344 S State Route 291
Liberty, Missouri
Thyme Capsule
2627 Burlington St
Kansas City, MO 64116-3086
Phoenix Herbs
4305 Main St
Kansas City, MO 64111
Shatto Milk
9406 N Highway 33
Osborn, MO 64474-7322

Green Acres Market
4175 Mulberry Drive
Kansas City, MO 64116

Marlene Dulman
Natures Sunshine
2018 W Donna Drive
Wood Heights, MO
The Vitamin Shoppe
8948 NW Skyview Ave. suite 1700
Kansas City, MO 64154

Nature's Pantry
19019 E 48th Street South
Independence, MO
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