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Recipe of the Month - Zucchini Tomato Frittata

New Recipes for Summer

Zucchini Tomato FrittataMy neighbor said it best - if you plant 4 zucchini they will all 4 die, if you plant 40 they will all live. When you have zucchine you have lots of them. Personally I am always looking for a different way to use them all up. My project this month is to come up with several different recipe ideas for zucchini.

Our Food Mission

Our focus throughout the last couple of years has been recipes for people like Elizabeth who suffer from Alpha-gal or Mammalian Allergy. A side effect of Alpha-gal is Celiac Disease. We are continuing to add gluten free items to the recipe index and items that can be easily adapted to special needs diets. Read up on the disease and get some new recipes at Chef Gary's recipes for Alpha-gal patients. For the non-allergic people simply substitute butter or milk for the non-dairy items listed in the recipes. Alpha-gal patient or not you will enjoy many of these dishes and in several cases they are a much healthier alternative.

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